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PROTECT - Safety Shields / Screens

Zen PROTECT is a range of protective safety screens which will shield and protect from respiratory droplets. These are unprecedented times where protection and adaption are needed. 

Zen PROTECT has been developed to protect those who are in places and areas where close contact and interaction takes place. These could be reception areas, retail environments, Pharmacies, call centres, shared desks, offices, co-working areas and public spaces, to name a few.

Zen PROTECT screens are made of transparent PMMA and are available in different sizes, all supported by metal brackets either freestanding or clamped. PMMA can be cleaned with any kind of alcohol-based cleaning products.

Zen PROTECT can be bought as a standalone product or in many different combinations in conjunction with your existing equipment including: MFC and Upholstered panels or your current Zen Sound Shaper panels.  

You can also add Zen PROTECT to the Sound Shaper panels so you can also factor in reducing the acoustic noise level within your area too at the same time. This means as well as adding protection, so you are also able to create a comfortable environment with a reduced noise level.

All made to order and delivery time is 4-5 weeks

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